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We are involved in a few different ministries here in Romania.  The main focus is the ministry with the children from the House of Hope.


11. House of Hope


Since 2002, the House of Hope has provided a place to care for dozens of orphaned and needy children in Talpos, Romania. We care for children who have been abandoned or neglected by a parent, felt unwanted, have lost a mother or a father, or have no home. We have been able to offer a refuge at the House of Hope. It is a place where these precious children learn about God and His love, where they grow physically, emotionally and spiritually..  It is a place where they feel loved and wanted; a place that they can call home.


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We also work with children at the Fellowship Center. Through our Kid’s Klub program, we are able to meet with the children from the village on a regular basis. We share from God’s word, play games and have other activities.  How exciting it is to see so many children who attend our services on a regular basis learn about God and His plan of salvation!  The majority of the kids come from non-Christian homes and it is such a joy to be able to teach them God’s word and share His love.


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We also work with the youth here in Talpos. I teach the teen Sunday school class and meet with them several times throughout the week at the Fellowship Center. We share God’s word, have fellowship together, play games and enjoy fun activities.  Sadly, from this group, not all these teens choose to attend church, but through the different activities, our prayer is that they will be drawn to the Lord and one day choose to serve Him. Over the years so many teens have come and gone and it has been wonderful to see How God has worked in the lives of many who are serving Him today.





During the school year, we have also been offering English classes at the Fellowship Center to some of the children and youth from the village.  Helping them to know the English language better will be a benefit to all the children and youth throughout their lives.

Our prayer for this ministry is that God will bless the work that we are doing. We want Him to be glorified in everything that is done and that people will see Jesus in all that we do. But our greatest prayer is that there will be souls saved and that all the children and young people we work with will come to know Jesus as their Savior.


In a world of confusi2014-07-19_15-11-40_746on, we offer truth.
In a world of neglect, we offer attention.

In a world of abuse, we offer safety.

In a world of sin, we offer salvation.

In a world of hatred, we offer God’s love.

Our calling is to reach boys and girls for God.
It is too serious to be taken lightly

Too urgent to be postponed

Too vital to be ignored

Too eternal to be fleeting and too passionate to be quenched.

                                                         We know our mission. We know our challenges and we know our God.

                                                         We minister to children. This is who we are and this is what we do in Romania.

Adapted from Roger Fields



Please add us to your prayer list and remember to pray for us!  God bless you!

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