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If you are interested in hearing the kids singing at the Christmas program I have a few links for you to check out. These two were sung at the beginning of the play The first song of the Christmas program. They look so cute coming out :). The kids did such a good job singing. […]

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This year we again were able to make packs for the gypsy children.  A few days before Christmas I handed out the packs to the gypsy kindergarten and then Christmas day the other gypsy children received their packs.  These children live in such poverty and have so little, so these packs are extra special for […]

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Tibi is home from the hospital and doing well.  Today he has a follow-up scheduled and he will have his stitches removed.  He is still in some pain, but is more mobile every day. Ionel went home a day before Tibi and he promised to come visit us.  He has at least 5 more weeks […]

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Sorry about the delay on putting up more Christmas pictures, but since last Sunday I have been out of commission because of my back. Thank the Lord I am finally feeling better and I’m able to sit down at the computer for a longer period of time to blog.  Thanks for understanding. It was such […]

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This year the youngest orphans again did a wonderful job helping me with the packs. We made packs for the gypsy kindergarten, for the church kids and for the gypsy kids in Batar.  I want to say a special thanks to Pastor Arnold and Lebanon God’s Missionary Church for their generous offering again this year.  […]

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