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    Sunday evening we started revival here in Talpos. I am asking you to help us pray for these special services and I am asking you to pray specifically for our youth. There are many young people who attend church, are involved in youth activities and are respectful in God’s house, but aren’t Christians. […]

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I am asking you to please pray for all of our Christmas activities this year. The past few weeks, we have been extremely busy practicing and preparing for our special Christmas events, but without God’s presence and help, all is done in vain. There will be so many occasions during this Holiday season for people […]

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  Here  is my November newsletter available for you to read at your convenience.

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Thank the Lord, that after six weeks of waiting; I was given a five year residency permit. What a blessing to have received a permit for this amount of time. Thank you for praying! God is so good!                  

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What a difference God makes! Recently, two of our children from the House of Hope were reminded of how God has worked in their lives and how different things would be in they were not part of our orphanage family. Sunday evening found Georgi, Marius and I sitting in a one room, mud brick, dirt […]

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