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Update: September 9th, 2014



At a young age, God had been preparing my family and me for the challenges of being far away from each other.  When I was 15 years old, I traveled over 500 miles away from home to attend West Virginia Bible School in Point Pleasant, WV for my last three years of high school.  It was where I learned the most about being on my own and relying on God to provide for my needs.



While I attended WVBS, I was privileged to be part of two short-term mission trips, when I first started working with children and became interested in mission work.


After high school I returned home and entered nursing school, feeling that was God’s will for my life.  During that time I taught Sunday school, was involved with the youth department, and stayed as active as possible in the local church. After I graduated from nursing school, I worked in the nursing field for several years.nurse_rn_medical_decal_sticker_6_inch__e9731550While employed as a nurse, I felt directed into mission work.  I used to think that God would make His will known through a great voice from Heaven or a divine revelation.  There are many who are called by God in this manner, but that wasn’t the case in my life.  It wasn’t a voice from Heaven; it wasn’t a bonk on the head; it wasn’t even this miraculous sign from above.  It was God helping me to realize that there is a lost and dying world out there.  Who would go and tell them about Jesus?  I had a responsibility as a Christian to share the gospel.  At that time I had no idea where I would be going or which organization I would be serving under.  However, I’ve learned that when one trusts God with the future, God will lead.


After feeling a “pull” towards missions, I felt it necessary to further my education.  I had heard that Penn View Bible Institute had a tremendous missions program, so after much prayer and consideration, I enrolled there.  While at Penn View, I was privileged to work at one of the wonderful Family Practice offices.


After graduation  from Penn View, I worked to pay off all my debts and school loans.  During this time, God opened the door for me to be involved in the bus ministry at my new home church, Beavertown God’s Missionary Church.  It was a wonderful experience and I loved the opportunity to share Jesus with so many precious children.


As time passed, I knew that I needed God’s clear direction for the next step in my life.  I remember praying earnestly one evening, “Lord, please show me what you want for me.”  If I could have been split up into forty different people, I would have gone to forty different fields, because the need for workers is great.  But of course,  that wasn’t possible.  I truly needed some specific direction from God.WhichWay

The next morning I received a call from a friend who is a missionary with HIM.  He informed me that the former president of HIM, Dr. James Keaton, had contacted him about a new orphanage in Romania where there was a need for a missionary.  Dr. Keaton was wondering if my friend knew of anyone who was interested in working with children and my friend immediately thought of me. HIMI can’t explain exactly how I felt, but I experienced such a peace when I heard of the need for a missionary in Romania.  It was as if God was telling me, “Sally, this is the work that I have for you; this is where I want you.”  I knew this was God’s confirmation, “Sally, this is what I have for you; Follow me!”   I then took all the necessary steps to become an HIM missionary and have been in Romania since 2002, ministering to many wonderful children and young people.  I love it here!


I have not been disappointed. God has confirmed time and time again that this is where He wants me to be.  I cannot say that I haven’t had trials or tests or have never been homesick;  I cannot say that I haven’t questioned God about His plans for me here, but I CAN say that God has given me sufficient grace and help in every need.

I want to encourage you to trust God with your future. He will lead you and guide you every step of the way if you will yield your life to Himimg-thingAs I look over my life, I am amazed how God has directed me.  Once again, I am reminded that God has a purpose and a plan for all that we face. It is a great privilege to serve such a wonderful Heavenly Father and work for Him.  I pray that my life will have an impact on everyone  that I work with and that those I minister to will sense the love of Jesus in all that I do.

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