Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

December 24th, 2015 Categories: Fellowship Center

For our Christmas program this year, we have a little girl who will be dressed up as the Christmas star. Because this was the first year we have a star in our program, I didn’t have a suitable costume. Instead of trying to find the time to make a star, I decided to order one online. Last week, we finally received the star costume and I had the little girl come to try it on. The next day, at the closing of our Christmas program practice, this sweet child raised her hand and said she also wanted to pray. As she bowed her head, this precious little one thanked God for allowing her costume to arrive on time. This little girl’s sincerity and thankfulness reminded me that often, I fail to thank God for ALL of His gifts and blessings. I never want to take for granted God’s goodness to us. This Christmas season, I pray that we all will focus on ALL the wonderful gifts God has bestowed upon us.
Thank God for His Son—A gift too wonderful for words! Wishing all of you a blessed and Merry Christmas! God bless you all!

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