Christmas packs, Gypsy children

January 25th, 2011 Categories: Other

This year we again were able to make packs for the gypsy children.  A few days before Christmas I handed out the packs to the gypsy kindergarten and then Christmas day the other gypsy children received their packs.  These children live in such poverty and have so little, so these packs are extra special for them.  They come so eager, anxiously waiting to receive some soap and shampoo, laundry detergent and lotion, and other items that they rarely have.  And of course like any child, they can’t wait for the candy and chocolate too :).  Thank you again to all who gave who made this possible.

Check out what I got.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

Picture after picture of these poverty stricken children……..

Thank you for giving to the Lord…..these lives have been touched by your generosity!

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