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December 29th, 2010 Categories: Other

This year the youngest orphans again did a wonderful job helping me with the packs. We made packs for the gypsy kindergarten, for the church kids and for the gypsy kids in Batar.  I want to say a special thanks to Pastor Arnold and Lebanon God’s Missionary Church for their generous offering again this year.  Your giving was greatly appreciated and a HUGE answer to prayer.  Your gift helped us to be able to purchase items for the packs, gifts for the orphans and teens, food items, some decorations and several other Christmas related things.  Thank you so much for your generosity and I pray that God will continue to bless you!

It has been wonderful to see how the orphans want to get involved in making the packs.  They realize that there are children who have so little and are looking forward to receiving something special for Christmas.  Every pack we made of course had chocolate, gum, candies, cookies and other yummy stuff, but the gypsy packs also had health and beauty aid items added, things like shampoo, lotion, soap and laundry soap.  Here are a few pictures of us preparing the packs.

All lined up and ready to place their items in the packs

Neli getting chocolate from Cristi for the first pack

This was the first year that Larisa, Razvan and Alex helped with the packs and they were excited about being to help.  Here they are getting the soaps in order.

Even though Alexandra is just 3, she worked hard helping to carry items.

Here are just a portion of the completed packs that we made

Marius is an old pro at helping

We found the best system is for the kids to be responsible for 2 or 3 specific items to place in the pack while 1 or 2 go walk through the “assembly line” Since Neli was the oldest she did most of the walking, but of course each child wanted to do their part…..we even let Alexandra do a few packs……

Whew…finally the tables are empty and the packs full 🙂

Thank you again all who gave so that we could make Christmas extra special for so many poor children and youth. God bless you!

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